Reader Reviews – Murder on Deck

“Terrific read with spot-on descriptions of Alaska! I “knew” who the Bad Guy was by chapter five, but the story took a delicious left turn and I was wrong!”

“I always enjoy a book with no swearing in it. The main characters were fun people and the story was written about an Alaskan cruise they were on. I spent many years in Alaska so found the descriptions of the places they traveled of interest. During the cruise passengers started getting sick and the mystery was how and why. This was a fun, easy read!”

“Love the characters—they’re people I’d like to know!”

“Excellent read!”

“I really enjoyed this. I felt like I was going to all these places with them. I’ve never been on a cruise. Also good story line.”

“I enjoyed her Cruise books (nonfiction) but this really came alive for me!

I thumbed through this and couldn’t put it down! highly recommend!”

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