Reader Reviews – Cruise Tips

“I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed this book! It was not just filled with tips, it was entertaining and packed with great stories! Do not miss it, whether you are new to cruising or already a veteran!”

“A lot of good information with a lot of chuckles thrown in; like Rick Steves with a sense of humor. Read it straight through!”

“I could not put this book down. I am an avid cruiser but picked up a lot of helpful hints. I definitely would recommend reading this book if you like to cruise. Very helpful with good tips and tricks and info. Highly recommend it!”

“Enjoyable Read!!! I really enjoyed the layed back style of writing. I read it cover to cover over the first 2 days I had it. Couldn’t put it down.”

“I can tell that Mrs. Graham is just as passionate about cruising as her “addict” husband. Her book is full of tips, but it’s also entertaining and funny. I got more out of her book than I did from the more traditional guides.”

“I laughed aloud at the stories, especially the ones about Elvis and the chocolate on the pillow. Read it with a highlighter—you’re gonna need it!”

“This is an excellent book for both first-time cruisers and those of us who have cruised several times. The author has an enjoyable writing style and every page contains good, solid tips to make your cruise easier and more fun. I found myself saying “I didn’t know that!” over and over”

“I have cruised a few times before and have read 15 other books about cruising. This book contained many useful tips and tricks that I have never heard before. I know that I will reference it many more times in the future. Worth the money, lots of pages. This book and its author are true gems! Love this lady!”

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