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Hand Pie: 50 Fabulous Recipes
Kindle [paperback coming]
Make your own hand-held, homemade, perfectly portion-controlled bite of deliciousness, wrapped in a tasty crust, just waiting for you to sink your eager teeth into its comforting goodness. Sweet or savory, they’re just right for a lunchbox, hot breakfast, or comforting dinner, Hand Me That Hand Pie will be your new go-to cookbook! Elegant, yet simple enough for a child to make, hand pies are as easy as....well, pie.


There’s a certain magic about food-on-a-stick, making any meal taste like instant summer! These kid-friendly recipes are elegant enough for a dinner party, or lunch on a blanket under a tree.


No beans and weenies here! Sure, you know how to cook on a campstove, but can you cook in an orange, an onion, a zip-type bag, newspaper, a paper bag, or make dessert in a river? Ideal for families, scout troops, back yard barbecues, children and adults will love these easy, wholesome recipes. Garlicky shrimp, juicy chicken, walking salads, luscious soups and stews, bubbly fruit salad and tasty desserts are at your fingertips.

It’s great to cook for large family or group of friends, but sometimes it’s just you, and you’re hungry. Packed with easy recipes you make in your favorite mug, with ingredients you probably have at hand, make your own hot and tasty breakfasts, warm soups, interesting dinners-for-one, all made in a matter of minutes, right in your own microwave!

Quick & Clever Kids' Crafts

A go-to for any parent, teacher, scout leader, or friend of children. Loaded with easy crafts a child can do with little or no assistance, unleash creativity with materials you probably already have on hand. Bonus: a whole section on swaps, little pieces of artwork on a safety pin!

Kids Science Experiments

Children are endlessly curious about the world around them. Encourage them to wonder “what would happen if...” They’ll be brighter than most, and certainly more interesting to be around. Loaded with Wow-factor science projects with household materials, these are ideal for boring Saturdays, as well as homeschool scouts, classrooms, and groups. BONUS: kid-friendly, easy snack recipes because young scientists get hungry.


How to Complain...and get what you deserve A consumer-advocate book with a twist, humorous stories and examples make getting your money’s worth easy when buying just about anything, and detail how to effectively complain when needed.


It's a scary thought--What if you died before you told your life's story, and your busybody sister-in-law decided to write it for you? Yes, she's diligent, but she never really liked you, and she surely doesn't know you as well as you know yourself. Following these easy prompts, you can write your own story in half an hour a day!


If there is an easier way to do something, I'm all over it. Dozens of new uses for ordinary household items you don’t think twice about. From using golf tees to hang your hammer, to dental floss for scrapbooking, you’ll be inspired to look around the house before you run back to the store. You’ll be amazed at how many of these ideas will make your life easier, using items you already have at hand.